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Custom build garages

In today’s world, nothing can match the charm of having a customized asset. Instead of giving you readymade options which cannot be altered, Renovations Plus Inc lets you customize your garage from A to Z. Whether it is doors or windows, size or entry gate placement, color or roof type choice, you have the complete liberty to design and install your own garage.

Designing structure

When assigned a new garage installation project, our team at Renovations Plus Inc first goes with designing a new plan and structure that fits your requirements. Any project can fail without a plan. Hence, we do not take any risk at this stage no matter how near the deadline could be. We believe it is always a perfectly designed framework that turns into an ideal backyard garage for our customers.

Getting permit for building garages

Using outer space requires permission from local authorities. At Renovations Plus Inc, we can try to get you a permit even if your location falls under restricted zone. Our team is familiar with the local property laws in New Hampshire. From footings to finish, we take care of it all.