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Welcome to Renovations Plus Inc

At Renovations Plus Inc, we don’t build garages, we build a better house for all. Knowing that a backyard garage is not a want anymore but is a need of every household with vacant outer space, we make sure to provide you with a garage that meets all your needs.

Planning and permit, 2 essential P’s!

We believe that every project can fail if it doesn’t have a plan. Our experienced staff formulates a plan and gets the permit before initiating the work. When you hire Renovations Plus Inc for the task, you don’t have to worry about anything.

2×6 Construction

Our advanced 2×6 construction technique used in the process makes our products and services more reliable and credible.

Your roof, your choice!

Any garage that we design for you is going to be for your use only. Hence, we give you the complete liberty of customizing your garage with the kind of roof you want. Go with shingles or metal roof, it is always your call.

1 and 2 story garages!

What could be a better garage than additional space above for storage and keeping your antique stuff? Here at Renovations Plus Inc, you can hire us for both 1 and 2 story garages depending on your requirements.

Insulated doors for garages!

Keeping into consideration the summer season in New Hampshire, we have made the doors insulated. Moreover, the windows come with metal-wrapped trim and garage doors come with vynal trim.

Complete maintenance free garages!

Not exaggerating but our garages do not need any maintenance for a period of 30-40 years.

Oversized roof trusses for snowloads!

The winter season can be crazy here in New Hampshire hence, you must be prepared. Our garages’ roof trusses are oversized to help deal with the snowloads.